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Our 100th post deserves a celebration! With our past mix of 99 important recommendations, useful information, fun facts, yummy recipes, and everything in between, what is next?

What would be 100th worthy?

We asked Dr. Nielson the ONE thing he most wants you to know RIGHT NOW and here it is...


With stress overload, we all end up with tension, stiffness in joints, and posture problems that degrade our health over time. Simple, brief, daily habits can dramatically reverse the damage from stress overload. There are exercises and stretches that make up a 10-minute morning routine that will have you feeling better sooner than you think.

This is a message of hope. The happy news of chiropractic! Most don't realize that they do have control over how they age. They don't have to be limited.

Those who embrace this idea and take a few minutes to create a routine with an expert can age so much better. It's amazing! Dr. Nielson will work with you to develop your own personalized routine to maintain functional longevity. You won't regret it... now or later!

Sidenote: here are the links to a series of blog posts we did on a non-customized morning routine, if you want to get started right away. The descriptions are found in the links below:

AND we're celebrating 25 years in business this year! YAY!! With countless 5 stars ratings, Dr. Nielson has proved that he knows his stuff and it's your time to benefit... especially with a personalized EXCELLENT MORNING ROUTINE!

THAT is the BIG 100!!! If you trust him because of the great care you've already received, then trust this... you need this now... we all do!

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