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In Balance

Working on your balance can help you remain more mobile and active as you age, and reduce your chance of falls. Balance exercises also benefit your brain function - keeping the brain/body pathways open and working well help both your body and your brain stay healthier as you get older.

It is never too late to work on this important aspect of your health. If you are feeling unstable on your feet, be sure to start off with very simple balance exercises like standing with feet apart and shifting your weight, or standing on one foot. Do this near a stable chair or in a doorway for backup protection so you don’t fall.

Would you like instruction and coaching for improving your balance? Dr. Nielson has a Lifestyle program to help improve posture and balance. We can tailor the program to address your particular posture issues and needs. 

If you are  unstable and need to hold on to something while practicing balance, don’t give up! Most patients feel really silly when they begin balance training here at Midway Advanced Chiropractic. When they falter I remind them that TRYING is learning - and the attempt counts as your brain works out how to keep you balanced with each attempt. With regular practice of some simple exercises most patients show improvement quickly.

Activities that can help improve your balance:

  • Walking regularly (and correctly) - if you know Dr. Nielson at all you know this is his most recommended exercise. He suggests walking every day. Don’t worry if you have to start off with short distances, every little bit will help you improve. 

  • Not sure what I mean by “correctly”? 

  • Body upright, shoulders back, move those arms, and lift your feet (no shuffling).

  • Ask us next time you are in the office and we will show you!

  • Yoga involves poses that help you stretch and strengthen tight muscles. The movement in yoga also improves balance by challenging your brain as you go through various positions in balance.

  • Tai Chi is an excellent exercise for improving movement and balance. It is low impact and done slowly and upright. It uses a progression of sequential postures (positions) that emphasize shifting your balance while moving your body and extremities to really work that brain/body connection. 

Call the office or talk to us next time you are in to find out how to Unlock Your Potential by adding balance work to your daily routine.

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