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PART 7- The FINAL Installment!

Well, here we are... Part 7! We've been showing you Dr. Nielson's Morning Routine now for the past few months. When put all together though, it's a quick 12-minute thing! Before we get to the final step, let's review for a quick "go to" reference. Specific details can be found in the last 6 blogposts.

  1. Morning Breathing

  2. Stretch Band Extension

  3. Hip Bridges with Strap

  4. Chest Resistance

  5. Nitric Oxide Flush

  6. Standing Pigeon

  7. Quad Stretch

  8. Hamstring Stretch

  9. Neck Rescue

  10. Spinal Twist

  11. Neck and Jaw Massage

  12. Super Shake

  13. Water Intake

#13... the LAST one... WATER INTAKE!

About 60% of your body is water! Isn't that crazy to think about?! It's actually considered an essential nutrient! All of your tissues and organs depend on it. It helps with blood circulation, lubricating joints, and regulating body temperature. It also does all of the following...

  • Improves gut health

  • replenishes body fluids

  • fuels your brain

  • supports your immune system

  • hydrates your skin

  • kickstarts your metabolism

Isn't that just INCREDIBLE?!?! Now, that is worth every ounce in gold!

So, how much should you drink exactly, you ask?

Dr. Nielson recommends drinking a liter (approximately 33 ounces) of filtered water every morning!

You can do it!! You'll be SO glad you did!

And with that... The Morning Routine is complete! By following this 12-minute routine of important micro-habits every day, you will improve your health and vitality quickly and it will be long-lasting! Now, who doesn't want that?!


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