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Soooo... how has the routine gone so far?? Getting used to the foam roll breathing yet? Feel a difference? How about those stretches we added last week? Trust us, you'll get to the point where your body will crave these micro habits every day!

So, without further ado, here is Part 3...


What does it do?

It stimulates the release of nitric oxide in the circulatory system that relaxes your blood vessels and improves circulation.

5 steps, 20 reps!

Step 1: We like to call these Gorilla Taps. Stand with your feet flat on the floor. Squat down with your arms between your knees and look up. Hold for a few seconds and come up to a standing position with your arms out to the side and squeeze your muscles. Repeat 20 times.

Step 2: Place your arms as shown below and pull back and forward. Repeat 20 times.

Step 3: Put arms straight in front of you and paddle your arms up and down 20 times. Make sure to hold your core and back tight while you do it.

Step 4: Put your arms as shown below and reach up to the sky. Repeat 20 times. Keep those muscles tight.

Step 5: Squat down with your arms straight forward and stand back up. Repeat 20 times.

This shouldn't take you much time at all. It looks like a lot, but it's not. But these micro habits really pack a punch, so make sure to add them to your daily routine.

Good luck and we'll add more steps next week until you build up to the full 12-step, 12 minute routine! See you then!

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