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Morning Routine, PART 5

Next up in Doc's Morning Routine is the Neck Rescue. The Neck Rescue is a device that helps to reverse tech neck, or forward head posture, that comes from phone and computer use (see picture below). Use each of the 3 prong sets for a ten count at upper, middle, and lower neck areas while working on your slow, deep breathing.

Next, why don't you head to the shower with us... fully clothed , of course!!:)

The first stretch is called the Spinal Twist. Reach across your body holding onto the side/corner/door handle of the shower. Move pelvis forward to open up lower spine joints once per side. See picture below.

Next, give yourself a neck and jaw massage to help drain your lymphatic system. It's even better in the shower, as your fingers will slide down your muscles a lot easier.

Find the bottom of your skull with your thumb and while adding pressure, slide your thumb down the back of your neck. Now do the same thing, just off to either side of the neck.

Next, place your middle finger on top of your pointer finger and push down the side of your neck to the base of your neck. It's basically a massage of the knots along your spine.

Now, put your thumbs on your cheekbones near your ears and slide down onto the muscle, as you slowly open your mouth. Hold pressure for a few seconds on any knots that you find. Do this a few times.

These shower massages should take a total of about one minute. They don't take much time at all, but they're so useful in draining your lymphatic system.

And that is Part 5 of Dr. Nielson's Morning Routine! Enjoy! Don't worry, it'll get quicker as you master the steps!

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