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Dr. Nielson's Morning Routine Part 2

Hopefully you've tried out Dr. Nielson's Morning Routine with the first and most important micro habit we discussed last time- MORNING BREATHING. (see last week's blog post)

One of our goals is to de-hunch you. So much of what we do on a daily basis is on a cell phone or a laptop. Because of this, we overdevelop the muscles in front that flex us forward. To compensate, we need to strengthen the muscles in our backs and shoulders. Hence micro habits #2, 3, & 4. Get ready for a firehose of awesome information, complete with pictures!

Micro habit #2: Stretch Band Extension

For this you'll need a stretchy band, a belt of some kind, and a foam roller. If you did your morning breathing on the foam roller, then just slip the belt up over your thighs and grab the stretchy band. It's helpful to already have these with your foam roller as you start the morning routine.

First, pull the band tight down towards the ground while trying to break the belt by pushing outward with your knees. Slowly pulse your arms to the ground and back 20 times. On the 20th time, hold the stretch for 20 seconds.

Second, continue with the belt around the knees and move your arms perpendicular to your body. Slowly pulse the band out (see next picture for example) and back in 20 times. On the 20th time, hold it out for the a stretch of 20 seconds.

(example of pulling the band out tight)

Third, continue with the belt around the knees and move your arms straight above you. Slowly pulse the band out and back in 20 times with a 20 count hold on the last one.

Micro habit #3: Hip Bridges with Strap

This time raise your hips up off of the foam roller, while still resisting against the belt with your knees. Slowly raise and lower your hips 20 times with a hold of 20 counts on the last one.

Micro habit #4: Chest Resistance

Bring your hips back down to the foam roller, still resisting the belt with your knees. Press your hands together tight and hold for 20 counts.

Same thing, just move your hands perpendicular above your body. Hold for 20 counts.

Move your hands above your head, but this time press your elbows against each other, as well. Hold for 20 counts.

These four micro habits will take you just a few minutes. Remember, the whole routine takes approximately 12. Over the next several weeks, we'll teach you the entire thing and you'll be set. Let us know if you have any questions at all!

We'll have you de-hunched and destressed in no time!

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