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Morning Routine PART 4

Here we are at Part 4 and we have 3 stretches for you today! It's a common thing that when we wake up our bodies are distorted from the night's sleep. Through little micro habits, we're able to turn that around and start our day off better.

Stretch #1: Standing Pigeon

This will improve your balance over time and stretch your tight glutes.

Stand with one of your legs bent across your other knee and lean forward, then towards your foot, and then your knee. Switch sides. Stretch each side one time.

Stretch #2: Quad Stretch

Stand upright and squeeze your foot to your bottom and hold for approximately 5 seconds. Switch sides. Stretch each side one time.

Stretch #3: Hamstring Stretch

Lean to one side as shown in the picture below. Hold for a few seconds. Switch to the other side. Stretch each side one time.

And... easy peasy, you're done with the 3 stretches. This will add less than a minute to your 12-step Morning Routine.

See you next time for another awesome addition! We'll have you limber and UNdistorted in no time!

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