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What is Your Body Telling You?

I have taught an anatomy and physiology class at the local college for many years. During the chapter on the immune system, I ask the students what they do when they have a cold or catch the flu. I get a lot of answers like:

"I take medication."

"I go see the doctor."

"I stay in bed."

These can all be necessary things, but my concern is that these answers should reflect what our bodies are trying to tell us. If we want to find out, we should ask ourselves the following questions when we get sick:

"Am I getting enough sleep?"

"Am I eating well?"

"Am I managing my stress levels?"

"Is my body missing the right exercise or nutrients?"

When your car's engine stops running correctly, we look under the hood or take it to an expert. Being sick is a chance for us to do the same for our bodies. Illness often reveals something inside that is preventing us from resisting disease and manifesting vibrant health.

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