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We've got a GUT feeling (Part 2)...

This week we're focusing more in depth on the Total Gut Restoration program from Microbiome Labs. Last week we gave you the 5 Fast Facts about it and now to more of the science. See below for an understanding of the THREE-PART protocol. We have so much more control of our bodies than we realize. The success of this product has been astounding and next week we'll show you that! But for now, get familiar with what TGR does and why. Recondition. Reinforce. Rebuild. 3 words that have the power to change your life... by improving your gut!

For even more information, call our office at 435-654-5008 OR visit the Microbiome Labs website at If you're interested right away, click on "Register", click on "Patient" and fill in the code: MidwayAdvanced. This will connect you to us! We'd LOVE to help you gain control of your gut issues and this is an important step in doing so. AND... since it's the start of spring soon... out with the old and in with the new!

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