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We Challenge You To...

This picture is a hilarious, true depiction of the difference a great chiropractor can make! We are a "hunched over" society. It's sad, but true! Spending any substantial amount of time on your phone or your computer proves this very thing.

Just for a reality check, go to the settings on your phone, click on screen time and see the daily average of minutes or hours you've spent on your phone lately. It is truly shocking for all of us, so don't feel terrible about yourself! We all do it, unfortunately. I think we see the miracle and sheer convenience of having a hand held computer phone at our disposal 24/7, and don't realize how much we are consumed by it. It's hard to believe that our reality now was just a far out dream in our childhood heads. We truly live in an progressive, amazing world!


Spending so much time on our phones can wreak havoc on our necks, shoulders and backs, especially over long periods of time. It can cause poor posture, pain, tension, degenerative arthritis and many overall health issues, including heart and breathing problems. While Dr. Nielson can help your body work through and correct many of these issues, it's even better to not have the problems in the first place!

We challenge you this Christmas weekend to spend HALF the time (or less) on your phone (and computer) as you usually do. Be present with those you love. Give your body a break. We promise that not only will you feel great about the quality of time you gave, but that your body will feel better and hurt less. Give it a try... we will take the challenge with you.

From our office to you and yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas full of joy and peace. This year has been rough for all of us. Take this time to relax, recharge, and be present. We so appreciate your business and love having you as part of our lives. Be safe and stay healthy this Christmas.

Much love, the Nielson Chiropractic Clinic

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