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Want to add years to your life?

"Walking fast every day will help you live longer," That's what a new study out of England states.

We like the sound of that and let's be honest, there isn't an easier exercise out there. Grab a friend and get walking. But not too slow. Save the leisurely walk until the second half. A brisk 10 minute walk at approximately 4 miles an hour will do it. That means if you're walking a mile in 15 minutes, you're golden. Then you can slow down and have that great conversation and look at the beautiful scenery.

The study states, "A brisk pace is associated with longer telomeres, a biological-age genetic marker, and so a lifetime of speedy walking could add years to your life – possibly many years."

How many exactly?? The study says... walking briskly has the potential to add SIXTEEN years to your life expectancy!!!

Isn't that incredible? And worth the effort to get out there even when you don't feel like it!

For detailed information, check out the study findings here:

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