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Walking= Better Sleep

Wake up and take a walk... and smell the roses while you're at it!:)

There are many wonderful benefits of taking a walk. Being exposed to natural light is one of them. It helps create a stronger circadian rhythm which promotes healthy sleep and physical well-being. A disruption of your circadian rhythms can cause you to naturally feel tired later at night than normal, so getting out and walking during the day is so important.

Taking a walk for 20-25 minutes also creates new neural pathways and releases serotonin in your brain. These will help you fall asleep faster and get a better night’s rest. Serotonin also helps regulate how you feel and reduces anxiety. So, if you have a hard time calming down before bed or getting something off of your mind, walking can help. It will calm you down and ease your mind.

Walking is so simple and doesn't take a ton of effort, so next time you don’t have time for anything more than a quick workout, take a walk instead!

You got this! Your sleep and well-being is worth a little time outside. Grab a family member or a friend and have a wonderful conversation while you're at it!

See you out there!

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