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The BEST tip when picking a purse!

Cutest purse ever?? Perfect color? Perfect fabric? One more thing for your checklist… is it really perfect for your body? Read on for our BEST tip when picking a purse.

One of the things we’ve discovered over the years that causes the biggest problems for chronic neck and shoulder conditions is carrying a shoulder bag. Carrying a strap over one shoulder forces your body to raise one shoulder up to compensate. That puts pressure on that shoulder and distorts the alignment of your neck and upper back.

Switching the bag side to side is helpful, or even carrying the bag cross body, but what is best is carrying the same bag in your hand (really does make a difference) or distributing the weight equally by switching to a backpack.

Small lifestyle changes are cheap, safe and easy. Although Dr. Nielson and our team can do a lot of intensive work with you in the office, if we then send you home to a lifestyle that is damaging your body, it wastes your time and money. We don’t want to do that and we know you want results and pain free living, not a cute bag with an empty wallet inside.

So, when considering your priorities and picking out your next purse, choose the RIGHT design, as in that cute backpack or small handbag. It might take some discipline to carry it differently or choose a different type altogether, but using one that is PERFECT in the RIGHT ways (in the WEIGHTIER matters) will be worth it every time!

And then come to the office and show it off!:)

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