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Take a load off your feet!

If you're a patient here in our office, you know that we are all about wellness... not just helping alleviate symptoms. We want you to be strong and healthy and able to maintain an active lifestyle for the rest of your life.

In looking at the wellness of the body, something stands out as so important that it's worth mentioning over and over... your feet, your feet, your feet!

They are the foundation of the body and by age 40, nearly everyone has a foot condition of some kind. Many times these eventually contribute to health concerns in other areas of the body. You don't want those!

So, what is there to do? So glad you asked! The answer is ORTHOTICS! Combined with chiropractic care, orthotics give your feet (and the rest of your body) the customized support they need.

On average, pain levels go down over 30% and your everyday function goes up over 40% and that is being conservative. That is HUGE! Specifically, studies show they reduce low back pain, joint dysfunction, over-pronated feet, knee pain, ankle sprain injuries, etc. Those that use them eleviate much of the stress on their spine from carrying the weight of their body.

Storebought orthotics only support one arch in your foot. Did you know you have 3? Yes! 3 arches that need TLC everyday. Our custom orthotics are YOUR answer to a strong physical foundation.

We have a foot scanner that is quick and painless. The turnaround time for these custom gifts for your body is only one week! They're reasonably priced and feel SO good! After awhile, your feet crave them!

Read what one of our patients said about them. There are so many more where this came from!

“I’m MAD at you!” Mike said to Dr. Nielson. “Why didn’t you tell me about these earlier?? I LOVE them! They are just amazing! I have unbelievably less soreness and constant support where I need it."

We're not just talking the talk... we're walking the walk! Come join us and take a load off your feet!

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