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Out for a Spring Walk

Updated: May 31, 2023

"Walking is the worst-kept secret I know!"

The rewards of walking hide in every step. Perhaps because we take walking so much for granted that many of us often ignore it's ample gifts. To name just a few:

  • It adds years to your life.

  • It strengthens your brain.

  • It helps with weight loss.

  • It improves the eyes.

  • It creates better sleep.

  • It calms your mood.

Those are fantastic! In the next series of blog posts, we'll be focusing on each one. Then, hopefully by summertime, we'll all be motivated to get out and walk!

If anything, let's follow the example of our farmyard friends! As we looked out the window at work yesterday, a rooster and a chicken were taking advantage of the many benefits of walking. haha. ALTHOUGH, they were getting terrifyingly close to a restaurant that serves a lot of chicken, so luckily they turned around and came to visit at our door.

Happy walking, friends! See you out there!

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