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Our Wednesday Warrior

If you have ever wondered about our laser therapy, read this testimonial. It's pretty awesome... and so is Reinaldo!

(Don't mind Doc's ugly Christmas shirt. We're not still celebrating at

Easter time, we promise! haha. Photo taken December 2022)

Reinaldo came into our office 3 months after having been in a car accident. He was experiencing pain in his foot, ankle and leg. He was having difficulty working, walking, standing, or really doing just about anything for too long. He thought that his body would just heal itself, but after 2 months, his foot was still swollen and painful. He had been taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen and it was hardly touching his pain. Dr. Nielson recommended laser therapy to go along with the chiropractic adjustments he was providing. The first time he didn’t feel much difference, but said the second treatment was amazing and that it kept getting better each time. Now, after about 6 weeks of treatment in our office with adjustments, rehab exercises, stretching, and laser therapy, he feels better than ever before, even prior to the accident.. He can’t believe it! He now recommends Dr. Nielson to everyone he knows.

Laser isn't covered by insurance, but it's still at a reasonable price of $65/visit. Just consider how much money you would likely spend on other treatments, when a handful of laser treatments would be less expensive and more beneficial. Give us a call!

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