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Our Wednesday Warrior!

Lisa took a fall on the ice 6 years ago, after which she started having neck, upper back, knee, and ankle pain. In the beginning, her pain was a 10! Before coming to our office, she had tried acupuncture, electrotherapy, and dry needling. These treatments took her pain level to about a 4, but never completely away. She started coming to our office about a month ago and has been treating her feet and knee pain with laser therapy. Lisa enthusiastically says, “What a relief! Finally, a treatment that seems to be working and is painless. I started with a pain level of a 7-8 and the inability to walk well or do many other activities. I can now walk pain free, and my pain level is at a ZERO-1.” If you can’t tell, Lisa is so grateful to have found this treatment because it is really working for her!

If you've had a fall or just simply overdid it during the holidays this year, come on into the office and let us help you! Whether it's a chiropractic adjustment, some stretching exercises, a laser treatment, or some awesome supplements to get you feeling back to normal, we've got you covered and would love to help! Call us at 435-654-5008.

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