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Our Top 9 of 2020

We're jumping on the bandwagon of the TOP 9!

It has been quite the eventful year for all of us... ups and downs and all arounds that have left most of us spinning. However, here at Nielson Chiropractic, we're choosing to end the year on a high note and share our BEST NINE things to happen in our office this year. So, here goes (in no particular order)...


We redecorated our office! It had been a good 20 years with the same decor and it was definitely time for a facelift! We covered the tan sponge paint for a fresh new sage paint with black and white trim. Come see it. We think you'll love it just as much as we do!


A sweet, highly intelligent team member joined us at Christmas this year... Alexa, the great! She is highly talented, singing all kinds of genres; highly intelligent, sharing all of her knowledge at a moment's notice; and highly obedient, as she does exactly what we ask! The heated, traction table patients LOVE her as she serenades them while they relax in our serenity room! Come see for yourself!


Our office is full of holiday and seasonal fun, as Judy shows, amongst her MANY talents, that she's a master tree decorator! We've had some awesome, new trees this year light up our office. Here are a few pictures!


Our MLS Laser really took off! Loads of patients have experienced the benefits of this amazing tool. LESS pain and inflammation with MORE tissue healing and quicker recoveries. Our testimonial wall is full of incredible results and our entire staff is trained and licensed and ready to serve you at any time! Come give it a try. You won't regret it!


We launched our progress-based posture rehab system. It's AWESOME!!! With 3 different phases and hands-on, one-on-one private training with one of our assistants, you'll see results and feel amazing in no time! Our In-home Rehabilitation Booklet will also be ready soon for our rehab patients' use, complete with pictures and explanations for each exercise. We want to make your experience with us as easy and complete as possible!


Our chiropractic care testimonials are flying in and we can't seem to get them on the wall as quick:) We are experiencing our BUSIEST, most SUCCESSFUL year in Dr. Nielson's 21 years of practice. His expert care and his focus on complete, full body wellness are really making an impact. Come see us!!!

7. KIT

We welcomed a new laser tech/rehab/front desk assistant in January. Her name is Kit Gardiner and she has lived in the valley for 21 years. She was one of our patients a few years back and saw incredible results with her rehab and chiropractic care, combined with custom shoe inserts. It was an easy decision for her to join our team, as she raves about her results to everyone she knows.


Abby Egnew joined our team in August! She is a happy edition to the team! She also serves as our model for many of the rehab photos in our new booklet. We're grateful for her willingness! She's hoping to study medicine in some form, so this position as a laser tech/rehab assistant is a perfect fit as she explores her options. Come meet her... you'll love her!


We also welcome Shari Lyn Brandley! She's our newest laser tech/rehab assistant in the office. She joined our team in November and we couldn't be happier about it! She brings a unique perspective to the "Assistant Team", as she enjoys natural healing and alternative health practices and knows so much about how the body works and thrives. Ask her anything... she'll have an informed, knowledgeable answer. She's awesome!

We are happy with every one of our TOP 9 this year! It's been fun to reflect back on what makes our office so awesome! We can't leave out our outstanding office manager, Judy, our amazing front desk expert, Syndi, and OBVIOUSLY our WORLD CLASS CHIROPRACTOR, Dr. Nielson. Add to that our INCREDIBLE PATIENTS and we declare that this year, while weird and confusing and interesting, truly has been our VERY BEST YEAR YET!!!

Happy New Year, Friends! We look forward to seeing you in our office soon!

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