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Our New Patient Secret Sauce

We've got a few secrets we'll let you in on and we'll share ONE with you today.

First off... New patients?? We accept them!

We have a system in place that prioritizes time in our schedule to see new patients quickly.

That's the first important ingredient in what makes our special sauce so good!

Recently, Dr. Nielson attended to a patient who has been with us for a long time. As they were visiting, she mentioned her conversation with a friend who has a very physical job and is in a lot of pain. She recommended her come and see Dr. Nielson. The friend responded that she had heard we are not accepting new patients.


That is simply not true. We value them and prioritize them! We want to help anyone who needs us. Don't let your pain go unattended. Our focus and attention is on helping every one who chooses to walk through our door.

Next time, we'll give you a run down of the other ingredients that go into taking great care of our new patients. We've got a lot of them.

Until then... call us at 435-654-5008 and we will get you scheduled sooner than you expect. This isn't a sales pitch, but truly our intention and focus in our office. We are available and anxious to serve you! Hope to see you soon!

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