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ONE THING to AVOID first thing in the morning!

What do YOU do first thing in the morning? We each have our own routine and our must haves to move forward as planned. But have you noticed times when your back has hurt from the get go? Like, you're thinking, "how in the world am I hurting already?! It's only 7:00 in the morning!!"

Well, read on, because THIS may likely be the culprit...

If you're a man... do you shave first thing in the morning?

If you're a woman... do you put on your make-up first thing?

Now, we're not saying to stop it, because obviously it's life, What we ARE saying is...

When you lean forward to shave or put on make-up, you extend your back and neck to get closer to the mirror. This action puts a lot of pressure on the low back and can cause pain that tends to increase as the day goes on.

So, how about doing it differently?!

Here's how:

Choose one:

  1. Sit down and then lean forward toward the mirror. This makes it so your lower back doesn't engage as hard. OR

  2. Lift your leg onto a small stool. When standing with one foot up, you can lean into that knee as you also lean towards the mirror.

Both of these small shifts get other body parts involved to share the load. They engage the posterior chain, or the muscles and joints that run all the way up your body to the back of your head.

This small adjustment first thing in the morning will make a world of difference! It's simple and easy, which means it's also simple and easy NOT to do. But, if you'd rather a day freshly shaven or beautifully done-up, we suggest the version WITHOUT the pain! Trust us... it's better!

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