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"Oh, it'll just go away..."

You may have heard that before! Or said it yourself! Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t always “Just go away!”

What am I talking about?? PAIN

We’ve all had it. We may be experiencing it now. In fact, 25 million Americans report being in pain every day for the previous three months. That is A LOT!

If you are one of those people, let’s talk about what your body may be telling you.

The purpose of pain is to protect us. It’s our body’s way of telling us to avoid, change, or stop something.

Our bodies are self-healing and because of this, many of our issues can resolve on their own. For instance, stomach aches and colds often take care of themselves. But pain involving our bones, nerves and muscles along the spine is different.

When the joints of your spine get out of whack, your body responds by depositing calcium to "splint" the joint. With time though, the bones may fuse together, if left uncorrected. This reduces mobility and produces nerve tension and loss of vitality.

A thorough chiropractic exam by Dr. Nielson can help determine the cause and what correction may be needed.

As spinal joints move better and nervous system function improves, the self-healing capacity of your body is revived and symptoms can subside naturally.

After you get well, it’s important to STAY well. So, while pain isn’t our “main” focus, how your body moves and functions IS. That’s why we also recommend a wellness approach to seeing the chiropractor.

As your body is aligned and your issues are resolved naturally, we’re confident that you will feel BETTER and YOUNGER for LONGER.

Now isn’t that worth it?!

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