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Need a Refresh??

I had the privilege of knowing and loving my great grandmother until I was 18 years old. There are so many things I remember and cherish about her. One of those was, believe it or not, Fresca! hahaha. So, visualize this… she lived on a lake in Fort Worth, Texas, in a brick rambler with a circular driveway in front. Her house smelled of everything from freshly baked waffles to moth balls. But my favorite memories are of running through the side door of the house, straight to the extra fridge in the back and grabbing an ice cold can of Fresca. The fridge was STOCKED with them. Fresca became synonymous with the love of my sweet great grandma.

Fresca to me was complete refreshment. My brother and I would come in hot and sweaty from playing at the lake in the summer heat and relax in her swivel rocking chairs with our Frescas. Whenever I hear the word “Refresh” in ANY context, my mind goes back to all of the cans I must’ve downed each summer growing up. To me, refreshment equals happiness, relief, love, and renewal.  Often times I get a bit discouraged and overwhelmed with life, I wish I could snap my fingers and feel better immediately, both mind and body. As summer gives way to fall and the leaves turn their beautiful colors, looking for ways to REFRESH and shed extra stress and worry is so important. Here are 3 suggestions that are sure to bring relief...

  1. STRETCH. Your muscles will love you as you take the time to do this. Hold each stretch for 25-30 seconds. This will improve circulation to your muscles and naturally relax you, as well as increase your flexibility to move around.

  2. EAT HEALTHY WITH THE SEASON. In season foods are higher in vitamins and minerals and better for your mind and body. They also taste better. Here are some suggestions for fall season fruits and vegetables... pumpkin, squash, apples, parsnips, pomegranates, cranberries, and sweet potatoes.

  3. ADJUSTMENT. Come to the chiropractor! An adjustment will increase nerve communication in your body, relieve stress and tension, and improve your physical function and performance.

All 3 of these suggestions will bring peace and health to your soul and help you manage the load you are personally carrying. Doable things that will leave you happier, renewed and relieved.

Now THAT is refreshing!

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