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My Achy Bakey Back

I'm a baker. I used to love to stand barefoot on my wood floor, in my sweats, a podcast in the background, surrounded by flour, vanilla, eggs, and chocolate.

I still do... minus one thing.

I noticed that the weeks when I baked a lot, my body just hurt. My lower back especially. It wasn't until Dr. Nielson helped me connect the dots, that I learned why and fixed it.

The human body has a shock absorber system. Thirty percent of the shock is absorbed by the feet, especially the arches. There is a chain that goes up from your feet, to your calves, to your knees, hips and on up to absorb shock. We have found that some of our patients with chronic health problems never get all the way better until we address the foot foundation/shock phenomenon in their feet. Walking barefoot on sand, dirt, grass, and other natural surfaces is really great for your health, just not man-made hard surfaces. Our bodies were not built to absorb the shock of concrete, wood, tile, etc.

So, what do YOU have in your kitchen? Wood? Tile? How about the rest of your house?

Hard surfaces are a common feature in most homes and one of the most common culprits of chronic pain. So, it's this simple...


We recommend wearing arch-supportive, cushioned shoes or walking sandals in the house on hard surfaces. It really does make a difference in how your body functions and ultimately feels at the end of the day.

Here at Midway Advanced Chiropractic, we love helping people with anything, but the lower back and lower extremity joint problems are absolutely epidemic! If you're feeling out of whack and experiencing pain, come on in and get an adjustment AND make the small and simple change of wearing your shoes. We are confident it will help!

I can personally attest that when I do this, especially before baking, I feel so much better, time goes faster, and I'm not laying in bed afterwards to recover.

And... I'm pretty sure my cookies even taste better!

Just sayin...:)

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