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Look what laughing does...

Laughter is the best medicine! You've certainly heard that before. But is it true? Listen to these fun facts from FactRetriever's Karin Lehnardt, about the world's universal language... laughing!

  1. There is no formula for making someone laugh. Researchers generally note that what makes us laugh is when we expect one thing and then that expectation is quickly turned on its head.

  2. Laughter yoga is a type of yoga that combines laughter, deep breathing, and playful exercises. This would be fun to try out! Anyone know a laughter yoga instructor??.

  3. Forcing yourself to smile or to laugh can actually improve your mood.

  4. Laughter synchronizes the brains of both speaker and listener so that they become emotionally attuned. In fact, research shows that couples who laugh together are more likely to have a longer relationship.

  5. Personal ads for both men and women mention humor more often than education, intelligence, or profession.

  6. Laughter, such as nervous laughter, is often used as a defense mechanism against anxiety or fear.

  7. Rats and monkeys laugh, too.

  8. In 1962, a laughter epidemic broke out in Tanzania. The outbreak began in a girls' school and spread to other communities, ultimately affecting 1,000 people and causing the temporary closure of 14 schools. Symptoms included cycles of laughing and crying that lasted from a few hours to 16 days.

  9. Laughter reduces pain, reduces blood sugar levels, increases glucose tolerance in diabetics and non diabetics, improves job performance, and brings people together.

  10. Laughter improves cardiovascular health and increases blood flow.

It is certainly obvious that laughter is good for the soul! That's just great "medicine" however you look at it! Physical and holistic benefits are what we especially love here at the clinic. We can definitely help relieve your stress and pain, and give you more reason to relax and laugh. That's what we do!

And if we can... It's laughable that we wouldn't! :)

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