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Laser Focused Results

We want to spotlight another awesome laser patient... Terese!

Terese is so excited about her results with the laser that she can’t wait to start a new protocol on a different area of her body. She sits so much with her job that everything was starting to hurt. When Dr. Nielson recommended the laser to her after experiencing a pinched nerve and sustained pain, she was skeptical, but agreed. She went through 4 treatments on her hip and the result… NIGHT AND DAY! She can once again put her shoes and socks on without pain and has been able to incorporate more activity into her life. Terese said the results have been mindblowing! She didn’t expect this level of relief after only 4 visits. She was hoping for a little relief, but said, “it’s been completely beyond my skeptical expectations.”

We love our patients and are so grateful for their progress and successes! Yay, Terese!

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