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January is not all it's cracked up to be!

January! The start of a new year and a new you! While that sounds kind of wonderful and exciting, it also evokes feelings of stress of not being able to measure up to some imagined ideal. Why all the pressure on ourselves? In reality, January isn't the magic that turns our lives around. We are ALWAYS changing and progressing every day.

I read this quote this morning and couldn't agree more... "As it turns out, your body doesn't wait until January 1st for a fresh start. Your body is constantly in a state of renewal."

I love that! Our unlimited potential is a day to day thing. It's not a January thing.

January is a time for new goals and intentions, but I've noticed that my BODY is not on the same calendar as the earth.

We renew ourselves ALL the time. For example:

  • We shed dead skin cells continually, pretty much every day.

  • Our red blood cells go through their full life cycle in 120 days.

  • The cells that line the stomach walls and intestine typically last around five days before regeneration.

  • Our bodies have nearly 30 trillion human cells. About 330 billion of those cells are replaced every day — approximately 1 percent of all our body's cells.

We have the opportunity every day to take care of our bodies so that they last longer and in a healthier, happier way. Our lifestyles influence the way we feel and the way our bodies function. So...

Let's make choices throughout the year to rejuvenate our bodies. Eat well, get enough sleep, drink lots of water, exercise and stretch, be social, and yes... we are absolutely confident that getting an adjustment is an extremely important part of your wellness routine. Plus, we'd love to see you more often!:)

Have a great 2023! May it be full of regeneration and rejuvenation... EVERY day!

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