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Immediate relief at 92 years old!

We want to celebrate an amazing 92 year old patient! Yes, he’s NINETY-TWO!!! He’s been coming into our office every couple of weeks for a few years now. He’s just awesome and knows the benefit of regular chiropractic adjustments.

Recently, he woke up in the morning and his back had seized up. His legs felt so weak it was hard to walk. For a man who lives alone and walks everyday for his physical and mental health, this was a big deal. He came into our office to see what could be done. Dr. Nielson found a problem in his upper low back and thoroughly adjusted him. The pain went away and the strength in his legs returned immediately. He was so happy and grateful as he walked out the door of our clinic. It was awesome!

He appreciated an inexpensive, safe, noninvasive approach that was quick and effective. He was able to save a lot of time and avoid expensive testing and possible invasive treatment to get his problem resolved.

Now, our successful, retired businessman can walk to his heart’s content. He also knows where to turn first when these sorts of issues arise. The goal is 100 years old and we plan on doing everything we can to help him get there!

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