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How To Burn Off Halloween Calories

If you keep sneaking the trick or treat candy from your kids (like I do) AND your pumpkins survived Halloween night, we've got the perfect thing for you (and me)... a little change to your workout!

Here are some easy ideas! It might be fun, too, to include your little munchkins!

  • Push-ups with both hands on top of the pumpkin

  • Sit-ups while holding the pumpkin for weight

  • Squats with lifting the pumpkin over your head when standing

  • Side lunges holding a pumpkin

  • Twisting lunges while holding and moving the pumpkin side-to-side

AND if you want something more, here's a 10 minute PUMPKIN workout from YouTube.

Your pumpkin has never been put to better use! Happy November, friends! Have fun!

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