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Feet are half the problem!

When we see patients with chronic back and hip pain… which we do A LOT… they are surprised to learn that their FEET are half the problem!

Could your feet be YOUR problem? Do you find yourself feeling the pain regularly and you wonder what you could’ve done to cause it?

Well, here is something to consider…

Do you stand on your cement porch admiring the new spring flowers BAREFOOT?

Do you make a quick run to the mailbox to get that latest Amazon package with NO SHOES ON?

How about the kitchen? Guilty like me…?

When I’m whipping up a batch of waffles on Saturday morning, I’m in my pajamas and shoes are the last thing on my mind. I just want that melt-in-your-mouth waffle to get IN my mouth as soon as possible.

But, having suffered low back pain for seemingly no reason before, I’m here to tell ya that it’s really not worth it! Just put those shoes on, support your lower back on that wood or tile floor, and THEN enjoy the butter and maple syrup! It can be a cushy pair of slippers or sandals even. I’ve now done it many times and I can say...TRY IT… you’ll like it!

Now that’s not to say that walking around barefoot is ALWAYS bad. It’s not! Walking barefoot in sand, dirt or grass is AWESOME and so good for your body. It’s just those HARD surfaces that give us the HARD times!

So, if you’re not in your garden or your yard or the beach, keep those shoes on! Even better for the summer… how about some cute, well-supported sandals?

Stay tuned for blog post #2 coming soon on WHICH summer sandals we recommend!

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