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Christmas Tip #3

We live in a winter wonderland and let's face it... we all want snow on Christmas!

So, here is our final Christmas tip for the season... and it's an important one!

How you shovel your driveway is a BIG deal! Doing it correctly will save you herniated discs and pulled muscles in your back. You may feel like you look a little funny... and let's face it, you will. haha. BUT it's totally worth it!

Here is the proper way to shovel snow.

  1. Always shovel with a FLAT back. This will require a slight bend in your knees to make it effective. Use your legs to lift the shovel, not your back and shoulders.

  2. Equally and alternately use BOTH sides of your body. For example, if you shovel one row to your left, shovel the next to your right.

Shoveling can be tiring work and it's when we're tired that our bodies often become injured. Stop shoveling if you cannot maintain good form with a flat back. You never want to cheat on form to get the job done.

Here's to a happy, safe and snowy Christmas!

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