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Christmas Tip #2

You're probably online often right now, buying those perfect gifts for Christmas! What an amazing convenience to have at our fingertips. Often though, if we are in the wrong position, we experience neck and back pain and tension and headaches. That's definitely NOT what we want at Christmastime! So, this two part tip is as follows...

  1. Lift your computer screen to eye level. Don't be looking up or down at it... just straight forward. That means if you're on a laptop, make sure to put it on a table, not your lap! Oxymoron obviously, since it's called a LAPtop. But still... take it off your lap!:) If you have to raise your computer on your desk or lower your chair to make this happen... it'll be worth it!

  2. Make sure that the computer mouse is aligned with your elbow or below. To make sure you're getting it right, bend your arm to a 90 degree angle with your elbows at your waist. Your arms and wrists should extend directly in front of you OR slightly down. The mouse should be under your hand with no bend in the wrist. Make sure not to extend your arm forward to move the mouse either. It's a correct distance from you when your elbows are touching your waist.

Christmas can be stressful! In following this simple tip, you will have less pain and tension, leaving you much happier for the holidays!

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