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Breathe in the Fresh Air!

With smog in the Salt Lake valley, we should be grateful we're enjoying this mountain fresh air! You can take a deep breath without coughing and your eyes don't burn when you walk outside. So why else is fresh air so amazing?? Well, let's talk about it.

Fresh air...

  • improves blood pressure and heartrate- your body won't have to work as hard to get the oxygen into your system.

  • is good for your digestive system- increasing the flow of oxygen helps you digest food more effectively.

  • strengthens your immune system- by increasing the amount of oxygen into your body, your white blood cells more properly fight and kill bacteria and germs.

  • gives you a sharper mind- more oxygen results in greater brain functioning and improving your concentration skills.

  • gives you more energy- after spending time outside, you feel brighter and lighter contributing to feeling energetic and full of life.

  • makes you feel happier- breathing fresh air increases the amount of serotonin you inhale, consequently making you happier. The "happy hormone" goes to work for you every time you go outside.

Those are some pretty incredible reasons to breathe in some fresh air as often as possible! Take that bike ride you've been putting off, read a book on your porch instead of on your living room couch, or walk to work instead of drive... especially in this beautiful Heber valley! Along with an adjustment, fresh air is always the best medicine!

See you out there!

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