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Best Supportive Sandals for 2021!

In our last post, we discussed FEET! No bare feet on hard surfaces! That’s a BIG NO! Support your arches, back and hips by making this easy change.

But, hey, it’s summer and the last thing you probably want to put on your feet are athletic shoes… unless you’re going for a run. So, here are some suggestions for what CUTE, SUPPORTIVE SANDALS you can wear in summer 2021 for pretty much every occasion. (list by

Our favorite brands in the office are among these, but we would add:

  • Keen

  • Chacos

  • Jambu

  • Dansko

  • Teva

Whatever you wear, trust us, you’ll be grateful you wore them! Jumping for joy never felt so good!

In our next blog post, we’ll talk about more awesome ways to support your feet. Stay tuned…

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