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Attention All Athletes...

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We'd love to spotlight our amazing patient, Jonathon! He has a powerful story and a call to all athletes everywhere. Well, at the very least, in the Heber Valley!:)

Jonathon’s pain started in March 2020 from weightlifting and squatting. This developed into chronic lower back pain on the left side. If he did certain leg movements, even after resting for a day, his pain level would spike to an 8.

He took 3 months off from lifting weights and worked with a strength trainer on some sciatic nerve pain stretches without much improvement. Within a week and a half of treatment with our office through rehab exercises and adjustments, he had no pain during or after weightlifting or after his baseball practices. Dr. Nielson properly diagnosed him with a pelvic shift and was able to provide him with relief.

Jonathan calls Dr. Nielson and the staff “The Miracle Workers”. After 8 months of trying to get an answer, he found one here in only TWO weeks.

He’s had, in his own words, “astronomical results” and recommends Dr. Nielson for all athletes, adding that if the word gets out to sports teams, there will be no open spaces in our clinic.

Thanks, Jonathon and good luck in all you do! And to all you other athletes trying to figure out your pain, weakness, and dysfunction... come on in, we got you!

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