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April Fools Day Pranks

We're not just a chiropractor's office. We're sneaky jokesters who want to join in the fun!:) Here are 10 of our favorite pranks to make your April Fool's Day the best one yet!

  1. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. Put the non-sudsing soap in the shower or bath and wait for the bewildered laughs and calls for help.

  2. Cellophane fun! How about wrapping the toilet seat or putting a little piece over the signal part of the remote control, so whoever is trying to change the channel, won't know why it doesn't work? How about wrapping the kitchen faucet, so when someone turns it on they'll get sprayed?

  3. A funny one for the office would be to tape down someone's computer mouse to the table and watch as they struggle to move it.

  4. What about freezing bowls of cereal and milk for your kids breakfast? Get them out before they notice, hide around the corner and video their reaction.

  5. Put a "HONK AND WAVE" sign on the back of your spouse's or children's cars before they leave for work or school.

  6. Do you like brussel sprouts? Even if you do, NOBODY likes a brussel sprout cake pop! When shaping the ball of cake, shape it around a raw brussel sprout, then dip it in chocolate. They'll never guess until they take that first bite!

  7. Serve glasses of "juice" for dinner, but in fact they are Jello!

  8. Put googly eyes on the food in the fridge (examples: mini tomatoes, onions, carrots, eggs, yogurt cups, etc.)

  9. For your littles, hand them their toothbrush with the toothpaste already on it. Except that it's not toothpaste, but vanilla frosting or cream cheese.

  10. Call the family down for dessert- BROWNIES! Except that when they take off the foil over the pan, it will be fun of "E"s cut out of brown construction paper. Enjoy the laugh and then pull out the actual brownies and enjoy together.

Hopefully you've found an idea for someone in your family... or all of them! We hope your fun holiday is just that... FUN! Everyone needs a good laugh right now. Laughing can actually stimulate organs in the body to function better, relieve your stress, and improve your mood. So, enjoy the pranks and the laughs that ensue! Happy April Fools Day from our sillies to yours!

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