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Another one in the books!

Success with our laser therapy is ongoing! This week we had an 18 year old young man come in with a sprained ankle. His friends had convinced him to try roller blading for the first time. It wasn't long before he found himself sprawled on the rink unable to walk. Poor guy! Sounds like me the first time I tried them.

He came into our office limping and with his ankle swollen and bruised. Dr. Nielson recommended he do contrast therapy (ice and heat) several times a day, as well as have 4 laser treatments. We did the first one that very day. By day 2, he was walking a lot better. By day 3, his pain and swelling were nearly gone, Day 4 was just for good measure to make sure there were no lingering effects of the sprain.

All good now! It was a quick process and definitely worth it!

Our laser is amazing and worth every penny! It helps with everything from neuropathy to headaches to sprained ankles to plantar fasciitis. It's inexpensive and effective, too. What more could you ask for? Come give it a try... you'll LOVE it!

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