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A lesson learned from... your CAR!

You know when your steering wheel is facing forward, but your car is going in another direction?? Has that ever happened to you? It's so frustrating and sometimes somewhat scary! What does it need? An alignment! Alignment means "arranged in a straight line or appropriate position." Cars drive safer and better when everything is facing the same way and working together for optimal performance.

Our bodies are the same! We're kidding ourselves if we think our bodies don't need Regular tune ups and that over time we'll still feel normal and go in the direction we want. It doesn't work that way. Our bodies are built to be strong and functioning which happens best when everything is lined up.

I've felt the difference before! One of my legs is longer than the other, if I'm getting personal. haha. It threw off my hips and back and effected the way I walked. While most never noticed, I did and it really bothered me. I came to Dr. Nielson as a patient. With the proper orthotics and shoe lift, rehab and adjustments, I've been aligned again for some time. It feels awesome! I am stronger and my body responds differently than it used to. I love it! I HIGHLY recommend this place... obviously!:)

Here are some sure fire ways to tell if your body is out of alignment:

  1. You're suffering from headaches, back and/or joint pain.

  2. The heels of your shoes wear out unevenly.

  3. You crack your neck, back and joints often.

  4. You get sick often or have poor general health.

  5. You can't turn your hips and head sideways easily.

  6. You feel stiff often.

  7. You feel numb or have tingling in your hands or feet.

  8. You are always tired.

If you answer yes to any of these, you need an adjustment! Come see us at Nielson Chiropractic. Get aligned today! Your body will thank you even more than your car!

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