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4 HUGE benefits to get up and MOVE!

Do you sit at a desk and stare at a computer all day? Do you find yourself frozen in any one position for long periods of time? Well, then... it's time to MOVE!

Your body is designed for movement. The benefits are HUGE. Here are 4 to get you motivated...

  1. Healthier lymphatic system. This is a big one! You know when you have a sore throat and your glands in your neck are swollen? These are your lymph nodes and they move fluid through your body. Lymph fluid contains infection fighting white blood cells that fight potentially harmful toxins and bacteria. Unlike other areas of the body, the lymph nodes don't have a natural "pump" to move the fluid through to the areas fighting infection. It's up to us... by moving our bodies. It relies on our circulating the fluid by getting up and walking, running, exercising or any kind of movement.

  2. Healthier bones. Exercise isn't just good for your muscles, it's good for your bones! When our muscles push and pull against the bones, it builds and preserves bone mass. In our late thirties, bone mass starts to decline substantially. Some of this is unavoidable. However, exercise is one of the main steps to maintain it.

  3. Enhanced brain health. Moving our bodies increases our cognitive performance, mental accuracy and reaction times. The increased electrical activity in the brain is so important in the fight against cognitive impairment in our later years.

  4. Better mood. We just feel better when we move our bodies. In addition, it's very powerful in combatting anxiety and depression and in dealing with stress. This is a stressful time in the world and we all feel it, Move that body and naturally find more positivity in your life!

So, get up off that chair for a few minutes. Take a walk at lunchtime. Stand on one leg at that counter, then switch. Dance a little jig around your coworkers or kids. Stretch. Do anything that gets that blood pumping and those lymph fluids flowing.

Whether it's a full on workout or a short walk, your body will be so grateful! Here's to better health and a happier life!

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