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20 Ways To Have An Unforgettable Summer!

We're halfway through the summer and I bet time has escaped you... I know it has me.

Many of my summer plans are on hold due to crazy gas prices and time just simply getting away from me. Sooo... here is to the last 6 weeks of summer and no regrets! Let's recommit to have an unforgettable time! Here are 20 ideas:

  1. Learn something completely new! You could take piano lessons, watch a YouTube video on how to fix the faucet, or learn to knit, play pickleball, or bake a souffle.

  2. Go somewhere you've never been before! If that's not to some faraway place, try a store you've always wanted to shop at, or take a new road to get to grandma's.

  3. Spend each day differently! Monotony can be tiring. Perhaps plan your week out with each day offering new options. Take this list and schedule it!

  4. Challenge yourself! If you've been wanting to run a 5k, for example, practice by running around your neighborhood every day and go a little bit further each time.

  5. Sign up for a volunteer project in your community! There are local events that need volunteers, local food bank that needs shelves stocked, or someone to weed the garden boxes on Main Street.

  6. Explore a subject you really like! You like the stars? Perhaps study up on your astronomy and plan a star gazing activity with the fam.

  7. Explore a new culture... even if you can't travel there! Research on the internet, read a book, listen to the music, and/or sample their food.

  8. Get some perspective! Take some quiet time each day to think and then write in a journal!

  9. Expand your palate! Go to the store and buy some things you've never eaten before OR maybe sample every kind of apple to pick your favorite.

  10. Have an outdoor, candle-lit dinner! Invite the neighbors and eat late in the evening when it's dark.

  11. Take a scenic bike ride! Living in the mountains offers all kinds of trails and views.

  12. Volunteer at the animal shelter! So many animals just need a little love.

  13. Make a playlist for every possible life situation on iTunes! How often have you wished for the perfect song in a given moment and you just can't find the one that gives the you the right feel. Do it while you have the time and your future self will thank you.

  14. Garage sale in neighboring cities! You might be a regular around town each Saturday morning. What about trying a new town? One where their treasures are new and exciting.

  15. Teach a grandparent how to text! How many times have you heard them say they don't know how? You and your kids will be thrilled to send and receive little messages from the older generation. Maybe send them an uplifting thought each day or a message of gratitude... it goes both ways!

  16. Binge watch a show! How many times growing up did you wish you didn't have to wait a week or even a whole year for the next episode of your favorite show? Now, whole seasons are literally at your fingertips.

  17. Surprise the family with a vacation! Who said they have to have a say?

  18. Go float! Take a floatie, raft or paddleboard and go float for awhile in a nearby river, canal or reservoir.

  19. Eat ice cream for lunch! Any more explanation needed?!?!:)

  20. Attend an ADULT summer camp! If you're an empty nester or if your kids have their own summer camps scheduled, why not try an adult version? So many fun options you never knew existed. Check out this link for some awesome adult camps...

Let us know about your fun adventures! Send us a few photos and we'll feature your experiences on social media. We'd love to see how our patients enjoyed their summer! And don't forget to come to the office for an adjustment... you're going to need one after your unforgettable summer! ENJOY!!!

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