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New Patient Secret Sauce- FINAL INGREDIENT!

The last thing mixed into our New Patient Secret Sauce is the overall experience.

Dr. Nielson is extremely thorough clinically. From your new patient exam all the way through your treatment, you will see just how true that is. With x-rays (if needed), a full-exam with patient history, and regular functional assessments and progress reports, we're committed to giving you the exact treatment YOU need, not a generic adjustment.

Recently, we had a new patient come in who had been treated elsewhere. They hadn't asked her past history and actually treated her incorrectly for her lifelong issues. We do all that we can to make sure that doesn't happen here. We're committed to giving you an extremely positive experience that allows you to progress in the direction you need.

Measuring results comes in many ways. Mostly you will notice by the way you feel, but there are other ways, too. Your function is of top priority. Making sure you're able to perform your every day activities fully and without limitation is so important to us. We take careful notes, make changes as needed, assess your abilities in our rehab area with trained staff on a regular basis. We want to make sure that we get you where you want to be ASAP!

It's not our goal to keep you here forever. We want you to move through whatever treatment you need in as little time as possible. Our hope is that you'll graduate to wellness care as quickly as you can. Wellness chiropractic care is similar to brushing your teeth. You do it because it keeps your teeth healthy and strong. Whether it's once a month or a little more time in between, we'd love to help you stay ahead of the game of life. Our patients who do this call it their "self-care treat". You really will feel better with an occasional adjustment and check in.

We pride ourselves on being thorough, effective, and super personable. Dr. Nielson is all of those things in spades. Come on in and we'll treat you like family... because that's what you are to us!

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